Alternative Education that works

Pond dipping

Through our Roots and Stars programme we engage and encourage young people from any background with the widest range of personal and learning needs. We’re presently working with the County Council to support some of their vulnerable learners.

Roots & Stars is delivered within a Cognitive Behavioural Intervention programme, reflecting our ethos that you can’t teach skills and knowledge without firstly recognising beliefs and behaviour.

A little more about our approach:

The Programme adopts a holistic approach to developing individuals. We promote the belief that traits and attributes are not hard wired but are malleable and very much developable through extended experiential learning opportunities.

We believe that by focusing on developing character traits and positive attitudes and aptitudes then skills acquisition and academic engagement will improve as a result such that people can learn to thrive in the world around them.

This makes it a powerful programme for focusing on reintegration to mainstream education.

Our programme offers participants: experiences, skills, responsibilities and qualifications. Specific opportunites include: horticulture, gardening, woodwork, construction, bike maintenance and micro enterprises.

To find out more please contact Karen.