Accommodation comparison

Middle Dorm High Dorm North Dorm Robinson Dorm
Capacity 54 46 28 42
Number of Student Beds 45 38 NA 40
Number of Staff Beds 9 8 NA 2
Approx Area 265m2 265m2 205m2 210m2
Number of Rooms 6 4 7 4
Wi-Fi Limited
Outdoor seating X
Showers In separate block 15m away In separate block 120m away Disabled shower within dormitory + additional showers in separate block 150m away
Toilets In separate block In separate block
Heating X
Full kitchen X X X
Hireable kitchen facility nearby Included
Disabled Access X X X
Cost per night £478.00 £407.00 £395.00 £378.00
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