ffennell Ranger Pilot Project

The ffennell Ranger project aimed to build on the links between Hill End and Oxford University’s Wytham Woods to create an estate-wide land management role.

This fostered consistency and joint working across the Wytham Estate – for the benefit of nature, site users in education and research, at the same time passing on forestry and countryside skills to a new generation.


The Ranger had a wide range of duties and opportunities, which we would hope to replicate for a future postholder:

a) To carry out a range of practical land management tasks across the whole estate
b) To provide support in the running of the weekly volunteer group (Wednesday)
c) To assist in the running of outdoor education and corporate volunteer days
d) To carry out wardening duties on the Trust’s sites
e) To provide support to the Communications Team in the organisation and running of events and courses
f) To assist with the daily support of the Hill End residential groups and maintaining their customer care
g) To assist with field work and maintenance of research woodlands
h) To have the opportunity to lead on the delivery of a project drawn from a list of priority initiatives
i) Under the guidance of the Land Management team – undertake conservation surveying on the estate, as required.
j) Where possible, undertake short placements with research partners to gain wider land management skills
K) To present a display at the annual ffennell festival on their years’ experience and to maintain a reflection diary and blog to promote the ranger ship and the estate in general.

The project was a great success and very timely, coinciding with a joint celebration of the centenary of the Wytham Estate. Unfortunately the pilot was ultimately cut short by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, meaning that not all the objectives could be completed due to circumstances beyond our control.

We would like to thank the University of Oxford Wytham Woods Estate, and the HDH Wills 1965 Charitable Trust for their support of this project.

If you are able to offer support or funding to help us continue the Ranger project, please contact us.