Alternative Education that works

What can Hill End offer?

We can deliver an alternative and nurturing programme aimed at addressing the child’s needs through a balance of outdoor physical activities taking place in beautiful natural surroundings – allowing each child to succeed in exciting ways.

Our bespoke programme usually runs for one day per week for 6 weeks – either full day (£408 per day) or half day sessions (£205 per half day). Other options can also be developed by arrangement.
* Prices are exclusive of VAT where applicable

These sessions are designed for one child or for small groups from the same setting if appropriate. Our tutors provide quality outdoor learning, and the child will also need to be supported during the sessions by a member of staff from the setting (or other appropriate adult) responsible for the particular needs of the child.

The sessions will be based around the following opportunities, adapted according to the initial meeting and the needs of the child, developing:

• Self Esteem
• Communication skills
• Motivation
• Self-management
• Trust in others
• Confidence in new locations and with new people
• Physical skill sets
• Health and fitness

Activities may include – shelter building and bushcraft; map and exploration skills; campfires and outdoor cooking; nature activities, birds, mammals and minibeasts; walking and physical challenges; tools, crafts and creative work.

How do we book?

– Following your enquiry, we will arrange an initial meeting, either in person at Hill End or by phone for staff and/or the child.

– We will then provide more detailed information about what we can offer.

– We will ask you to confirm all the details of the programme with a service level agreement between both parties.

– A paid trial day at Hill End will be arranged.

– Following the trial day, both parties will confirm final details, with option to review during the programme and at the end.

Talk to us

We work with a huge variety of schools and organisations. Recent customers have included students from mainstream schools with individual needs, and specialist providers such as Iffley Academy, LVS Oxford, Northern House and Orion Academy

If you have any questions about what Hill End could provide, please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

To find out more please contact Karen.