Raise a concern or make a complaint

Hill End is committed to keeping young people and vulnerable adults, and all others, safe from harm, both whilst they are with us and when they are away from us. If you wish to raise a safeguarding concern please contact our safeguarding lead:

Karen Hobbs: admin@hill-end.org 01865 863510

Privacy Policy

At Hill End we want to ensure that you are kept fully aware of how any data that you share with us will be looked after and used. You can read our privacy policy here.

Any Complaints?

Hill End employees and volunteers hope you will enjoy your time with us, and that everything will be as you wish. However, occasionally things go wrong and you may want to complain.

Ideally, you should let the employee who is supporting you know straight away if you are not happy about something. That way, they can do something about it quickly, and ensure that this problem or complaint doesn’t result in you not enjoying yourself while you are with us.

However, we know that some people do not feel confident enough to complain in person, or there might be another reason why you don’t want to complain about something.

Hill End takes all complaints seriously, and you should never ever feel bad for saying something if you are unhappy. You will not be treated differently or badly if you say something. We want to know if something has gone wrong, so we can put it right.

If you don’t say something at the time, you should try to let us know as soon as possible afterwards. Complaints should normally be made within a few days of the event you’re complaining about, or preferably as soon as the matter first came to your attention.

How to complain:

By telephone: 01865 863510

By email: admin@hill-end.org

By post: The Hill End Centre,Eynsham Road,Farmoor, Oxford,OX2 9NJ

For details of how we deal with complaints raised please see the Hill End Complaints Policy.