Multi purpose buildings & Meeting Space Comparison

Four Winds Blue Dragon The Barn The Willows Cookhouse The Dome
Capacity 35 70 90 20 35 10
Approx Area 75m2 200m2 180m2 70m2 120m2 20m2
Number of Rooms 2 4 1 1 3 1
Outdoor seating X
Projector Screen X X X X
Whiteboard/flip chart on request on request on request on request
Heating fan heater
Full kitchen X X X
Urn for hot drinks on request
Disabled Access X X X X X
Flexible Layout X
Toilet Facilities within building X X X X X
Cost per day
£250.00 £284.00 £186.00 £155.00 £250.00 £57.00
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