Help us to achieve more


Hill End is a wonderful resource for Oxfordshire and we want to keep it that way.

At the moment we are facing unprecedented challenges – please consider making a donation to help if you can.

Hill End has the ability to open young people’s eyes to the wonders of nature, in a world where “the mental health of today’s children is at crisis point*”. We know children are under enormous pressure and the temptation to spend too much time surfing the net, watching TV or playing computer games is difficult to resist.

We believe playing outdoors regularly with others helps with resilience, leadership skills, building confidence and self-esteem.

To run the centre we need both financial support but also volunteer time.

You can also support us through the Friends of Hill end and the new White Horse Community Lottery!

Please help Hill End in any way you are able, so we can continue to offer a vital resource to young people and adults alike.


*Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice Chancellor, University of Buckingham and campaigner for mental health.