Programme Tutor

Richard Mulvany

What do you do at Hill End?

I am a Programme Tutor working with groups participating in lots of our programs on-site including; habitat explorer, forest school explorers, ancient settlement, bush craft, survival days and Forest School training.

How long have you been at Hill End?

13 years


I did teacher training at Reading College and was asked by Oxfordshire County Council to be involved in a pilot of the Forest School programme. From there I worked at different sites around Oxfordshire and moved to Hill End full time in 2008.

Best memory at Hill End

WWII day, I love this one as the experience fully immerses students into the 1940’s. Students visit the shop for rations, experience being an evacuee and help solve questions in combat when a parachute is found in a tree nearby. The experience feels so authentic and students love the experience of being taken back in time, it is a uniquely fulfilling day.

Favourite animal spotted on-site

Early summer, orange tipped butterfly

Hot chocolate or ice lolly

Ice Lolly